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However, it gets the job done and works well for people who want something easy and simple.

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The app is also completely free with advertising. Daily Horoscope Plus is another popular free horoscope app.

Astrology and Horoscope Lite

You get the usual stuff like daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, compatibility ratings, and horoscopes for various moods. The UI is clunky, but functional as it seems to be with horoscope apps in general and the advertising is a little annoying. You also get unusual features like a fortune cookie simulator, daily lucky colors, Chinese astrology, and even some astrology articles.

The app is entirely free with advertising with no option to buy an ad-free version.

Mobile Kundli - Astrology Software for Mobile Phone

Horoscope is a simple app by Best Horoscope App Ever. The app features a decent UI, good information, and quick results. You get the usual daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts along with love compatibility, finance and career horoscopes, and family and friends horoscopes.

It even includes Chinese horoscopes. About the only issue we noticed was the occasional grammar or spelling error.

Top 10 Best and Free Astrology Apps for Android phone users:

These are likely written by a human being. The app is completely free with ads and also no in-app purchases. HoroscopeDaily is kind of a wild card choice for free horoscope apps.

The app uses a similar UI to most of the other horoscope apps on the list. You choose your horoscope, read it, and then share it if you want to. You get the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes like most other apps, and there are push notifications for daily horoscopes.

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It may be a bit buggy, but it worked fine for us. Horoscope — Zodiac Signs is yet another free horoscope app. It works very much like most of the other free horoscope apps on the list. You open it, click your zodiac sign, and read your various horoscopes. The app also adds push notifications, zodiac fun facts, and a good looking if simple UI. You open it, it does the stuff, and you close it and check it later.

It does also show horoscopes for love, well-being, career, and social life. Each section has a paragraph or two of information. The advertising is fairly annoying, but the app makes up for it by having one of the better UI experiences on the list. You, of course, get notifications and such as well. There is also a premium chat service.


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You buy credits as in-app purchases and use those credits for personalized horoscope chats. Yodha Daily Horoscope has the distinction of being the only app on this list that is completely free and also has no advertising. You get some bonus stuff like configurable push notifications, a clean UI, and simple controls. The developer Yodha has two other astrology focused apps with a bunch of extra features, more in-depth horoscopes, and an astrology service that costs money. However, for the purposes of this list, we like Yodha Daily Horoscope the most.

If we missed any great horoscope apps or free horoscope apps for Android, tell us about it in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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Try these out too! More app lists you might like! Thank you for reading! Try these out as well! It's from your parent's home. You can't reject it so you quickly respond. You talk but end it quickly and as politely as possible. You return to the Play Store and begin the installation. It finishes! Oh, suddenly the sunlight hits the screen.

You can barely see anything now. Can't risk tapping on Uninstall so you cover the screen with your palm and reach closer. You press it, it opens… you are saved!

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Astrology by AstroSage or Kundli Software — Astrology is a mobile astrology app that does pretty much the same thing as any astrology app would do, and that is generating horoscope reports. But Astrology is also an online store for goods and services. One interesting service is the possibility of consulting with an established astrologist on a series of common subjects such as finance, love, your auspicious moments and even birth time rectification. Imagine, backtracking through your life events in order to pinpoint the exact time of birth.

To me it seems like planning a route to a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy it's called astrogation, look it up. There's also one for "Will I get Government Job? It's interesting that you also have the option to open their online site. Which contains the same things but is more mouse pointer friendly. Kundli Software — Astrology is a well worth a look at if you need horoscope reports on your tablet or phone.

Concerning the quality of those reports, you'll just have to check for yourself. Kundli Software - Astrology Horoscope 3. Field Astrologist You are on the train and it just so happens that you urgently require an astrology report. Ask our experts Astrology by AstroSage or Kundli Software — Astrology is a mobile astrology app that does pretty much the same thing as any astrology app would do, and that is generating horoscope reports.

Features Kundli and Horoscope Matching — You get to check your horoscope or check your compatibility with another.